Snapshot 28 May 2022

Welcome to myFootprint!

Use our handy carbon calculator to find out the size of your footprint- and how to cut it.

Here at EDF, we’re on a shared journey to help Britain achieve net zero. So let’s go on that journey together – not just at work, but at home as well.

It's win, win for the planet and your wallet.

We’ve created this ‘myFootprint’ calculator to guide you on that journey. You can find out the size of your carbon footprint – and what you can do to cut it. So you’re helping to protect the environment and you’re saving a bit of money along the way!

Before you start

The survey will take about 15 minutes to complete. You’ll need your energy and water bills to hand. You’ll also need your bank statements so you can refer to it for your monthly spend.

Due to us spending more time at home during lockdown, we recommend you use bills from 2019 so the results will reflect your regular lifestyle.

And please let us know how to get in touch with you. We’ll send your results direct to your inbox - so you can refer to them whenever you want.

Entering your name and email address is optional.

We’ll only use your name and email address to send your results to you and to know if you’ve completed this quiz more than once.

We’ll aggregate and anonymise all results. And we’ll delete all personal data after 12 months.

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Welcome to the quiz! Let’s start by looking at your energy and water use.

Your Home


So we can divide any results for your household by the number of people that you live with.


This matters because you have more options to reduce energy if you own your home

Did you know?

Heating uses far more energy than anything else in our homes. So have you ever considered smart home controls? Take a look at EDF’s myBenefits to see some of the great offers we’ve got for employees.


Did you know?

More Together is your low-cost, low carbon tariff. Start saving today by signing up to one of the cheapest energy deals on the market which gives you more than just energy.

Did you know?

80% of home greenhouse gas emissions come from heating. A modern, well-serviced boiler will help you cut your carbon footprint – and save money too!

If you’re not connected to the gas grid, have you thought about switching to a low-carbon solution? There are a range of options like a heat pump that could help you save energy.

Energy Usage

How much did you and your household spend on fuel last year? (Provide consumption e.g. kWh or £ spent)

Remember that you might use more energy in different seasons. So think about the year as a whole if you’re looking at monthly or quarterly usage.

Energy Usage

We can estimate carbon emissions from your energy spend if you don’t know the quantities you used.

Did you know?

Even water has a small carbon footprint. That’s because the water you drink needs to be treated – just like your waste water.

Energy Usage

By taking small actions to save energy, together we can make a big difference. So which of these actions do you normally take?

My spending

Now let’s have a look at some of your spending habits. If you’re unsure about any of the answers, just make an educated guess!

Remember, we're looking at your spending habits for the year 2019.

Home improvements

How much did you and your household spend on the following items at home in the past 12 months? Enter your figures in Pounds .

Home improvements

Include your spend on painting, decorating, new boilers and building an extension here

Food and drink

How much did you and your household spend on food and drink in a typical month?

Did you know?

Meat and dairy are two of the biggest contributors to the world’s carbon footprint. That’s because grass-eating animals burp methane (a potent greenhouse gas) and producing meat involves lots of pesticides, chemical fertilisers, water and feed.

Did You Know?

After cutting down on meat, the next best way to reduce your carbon footprint is to buy seasonal food. It tastes better, supports British farmers – and it’s cheaper!

Did you know?

It might seem strange, but due to the food that pets consume, they have a surprisingly high carbon footprint.

Other spending

How much did you and your household spend on the following in a typical month?

Did you know?

For most of us, around 40% of our footprint is from the carbon emitted when making the things we buy.

Waste and Recycling

Did you know?

One of the best ways to cut your footprint is to cut down on the stuff you throw away. Including the stuff that goes into the recycling bin – it’s still waste, after all!

Now it’s time to look at your vehicles. How many vehicles, including hired cars, have you used in the last year – either as a passenger or a driver?

Choose the correct vehicle type, fuel and size (if you drive a van then use the medium or large car option).

Make sure you only include the miles that you’re responsible for. Include the miles for your commute - but exclude any work trips from your calcuations. That way, we can give you a more accurate carbon footprint.

And remember, this is for the calendar year 2019.

Main Vehicles

Public transport is a great way of cutting your footprint. So let’s look at how often you’ve used public transport over the last year. This might be for your daily commute to work – or it might be regular journeys you make for another reason.

Your Public Transport

Return Journeys

Estimate number of return journeys in an average work week (not a holiday period).

Transport Modes Used

What proportion of each public transport mode did you use in your daily commute in the past 12 months? (% of total distance travelled)


My Holidays

Great news – we’re on the last section! You’re a few questions away from finding out your carbon footprint.

This section is all about holidays in the last year. Now we know that holidays are a bit uncertain at the moment. We’re hoping that things go back to normal soon.

In the meantime, think about any holidays or long journeys you’ve taken by plane, train, cruise ship or bus in the last year. Only include personal trips – not work trips. You can tell us about each journey by clicking ‘Add a new journey’. If you drove to your holiday destination, you can skip this section. Your miles will have been covered by the last section.

Add a new journey